Debt Support Service has recently been trying to give back to our surrounding community. That’s why we have teamed up to support the Trussell Trust and The Christie amongst others. 


The Trussell Trust

We gave regular donations in 2019, but unfortunately due to COVID-19, our ability to assist as much as we would have liked has been greatly reduced in 2020. We plan to make up for this in 2021, so keep checking back for updates!!

A history of our recent charitable efforts are below.

December 2020

We were able to donate £300 to the Chorlton and West Didsbury Foodbank. This was made up mainly by our introducers and valued partners that chose to forgo a bottle at Xmas in favour of diverting those funds to the foodbank. DSS matched every £ donated in this way, giving us a total of £300

November 2020

As the clocks went back Mike, Jon, Nadine and Chris headed in Manchester City Centre to donate £500 worth of Artic Winter Sleeping Bags to the homeless people, sleeping on the streets.

The team allowed 2 hours to distribute all the sleeping bags, but shockingly, such is the level of homelessness, they were distributed in 25 minutes. They saw some heart-breaking sights, such as 3 or 4 people sleeping in soggy, wet duvets. Some didn’t have anything at all. 

October 2020

Debt Support Service was happy to donate £250 to the Christie, sending the funds build up from a charity drive in the office and a cake day. 


September 2020

We donated £200 to MacMillan following the MacMillan Coffee Morning. 

July 2020 

Following the sudden and unexpected death of one of the Directors fathers from cancer in June, we donated £250 to the East Cheshire Hospice. 

December 2019

We donated a whopping 145.8KG of essential food and Xmas items to the local West Didsbury and Chorlton Foodbank. 

This brought the total weight of supplies donated in the last 3 months of 2019 to just under, a quarter of a tonne! 

Thanks to all who contributed to the donations that you brought to St Barnabas on Friday 20th December, they amassed a total weight of 145.8Kg!

A really great help, much appreciated! Phil Gay – Chair of the Foodbank 

November 2019 

We had a food donation push in the office and was able to deliver 47.8KG of food to the local West Didsbury and Chorlton Foodbank. 

September 2019 

We teamed up with local toiletries manufacturer PZ Cussons, and were able to donate 49.1kilos of shower gels and soaps to the local foodbank. 

Dear Debt Support Service,

Thank you for bringing your donation for Chorlton & Didsbury Foodbank to St Barnabas last Friday, 13th September 2019.

You may be interested to know that we do everything by weight, and the weight of your donation was 49.1 Kg.

We now have an abundance of Shower gels etc. which we really appreciate.

Thank you again for your donation and the support that will provide. 

Phil Gay – Chair of the Foodbank.