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What is an Annual Review and Why do I need to Complete one?

This page is only relevant to live clients who hold a live Debt Management Plan with ourselves.

We are regulated by the FCA, and as such have to follow FCA rules that are set by them. The FCA insist that we have to complete an annual review with all our customers once a year, in order to make sure Debt Management is still the most appropriate solution for you.

The Annual Review looks at your income and expenses, along with a product assessment, in order to gauge whether or not Debt Management is still the right solution for you. 

It is NOT done to increase your payment. In fact, it can work three ways, your payment could go up, down or stay the same. It depends on how much your circumstances have changed in the last 12 months. 

Whilst we appreciate this might be inconvenient to some, we have to comply with FCA rules. 

We have tried to make the process easier by allowing you to submit your income and expenses in your own time. The link to do that is here

Submit Income and Expenses

Whilst we appreciate this might be inconvenient to some, we are bound to comply with FCA rules. 

It’s important to know that by submitting your income and expenses to us, this does not complete the annual review process. We are still required to produce a product suitability letter for you, which is done by completing a short 20 minute phone call with one of our advisers. You can book a suitable in the calendar at the end of the Income and Expenses page.

Please note – if you don’t complete an annual review, then we may be forced to close your plan