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Are you feeling weighed down by the burden of debt? Have you been struggling with your finances? Perhaps you’re even on the verge of bankruptcy? – Your road to recovery may be just a phone call away!

With the Debt Support Service, we are here to help free you from the stress and hardships associated with debt. With our fully tailored systematic approach, we’ll establish the best strategy to help you out of your current situation.

The Debt Support Service is fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (the FCA ). The Debt Support Service is a very well-respected debt management agency, known for dispensing professional debt advice in the UK. You can take a look at our website to see which services we provide to those with issues arising from debt, and read testimonials of people like yourself who’ve reached out for help.

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

An IVA is a legal agreement between you and your creditors. It freezes the amount of debt you owe, whilst you continue to pay it off in manageable instalments. During this time your creditors are not allowed to contact you or hassle you for repayment. Failure to keep up with the agreed instalments may void your IVA, so it’s very important to make your agreed repayments on time.

What can the Debt Support Service do for you?

Once you’ve made contact with us, one of our advisors will check to see if you are eligible for an IVA. If you do meet the required criteria, we can connect you to an Insolvency Practitioner (an IP) who will then initiate your IVA . The IP will assess your financial situation, the time period over which you desire to pay back your debt, and the amount you can afford to pay, before proposing the plan to your creditors. Once approved by your creditors, the IVA can then begin. You’ll then need to make regular payments to your IP who, on your behalf, will make payments to your creditors.

An IVA can be beneficial in many ways – You’ll have the advice and guidance of an IP throughout its term, the option to make flexible monthly payments that are dependent on your specific circumstances, and stop interest from being added to your existing debt.

  • Debt management and debt advice in the UK

When burdened with debt, we can begin to feel trapped. The answer is to seek help from a specialist. By choosing the Debt Support Service, you’ll benefit from the help and advice from professionals who have a huge amount of experience advising with debt management issues and providing debt advice.


At the Debt Support Service, we are ready to offer you professional debt advice UK and the support you need to see you through a difficult period.

Don’t delay! Your route to financial freedom is only a call away.


A range of debt options from the Debt Support service.

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Dealing with debt can be extremely challenging for anyone, and you could find yourself falling deeper into financial difficulty if you are falling behind on repayments. The important thing to remember is that there are places you can turn to for help. The Debt Support Service is one such point of contact, and we are here to help you today.

The Debt Support Service is amongst one of the leading debt management companies in the UK. A Debt management plan, UK is an informal agreement between you and your creditors, with which you arrange to pay back non-priority debts (such as credit cards, bank loans, water charges). Priority debts such as Council fines, Court fines, Income Tax etc, are not applicable for a debt management plan.

Range Of Debt Options - Debt Support service

You can try to initiate a plan on your own, however many find that debt management companies possess invaluable knowledge that they can offer to those struggling with debt, and have connections to creditors that allow them to negotiate on your behalf. If you find a ‘non-fee’ charging provider, this means that all the money that you pay into your debt management plan will go directly to your creditors, allowing you to pay your debt off sooner. Most debt management companies however, do charge a fee for setting up a debt management plan. A debt management plan helps you to manage your debts, paying them off at a more affordable rate. All your monthly payments will be consolidated into one payment, which you then make to your debt management company, who will in turn distribute it amongst all of your creditors. The payment amount will be based on the amount of disposable income left after assessing your monthly budget. A debt management plan, UK is not legally binding, which means that you are not tied in for a minimum period and can be cancelled at any time.


Debt management companies will always assess your financial position and provide you accurate advice on the repayment options available. They’ll also contact creditors on your behalf to initiate the debt management plan. Typically, most creditors do agree to a Debt management plan, UK as they see that you are making an effort to address your debt situation and pay back the money that you’ve borrowed. Often creditors are asked by the debt management company to freeze all new charges and interest, and creditors may agree to do so if certain conditions are met. A debt management plan, UK offers great flexibility, and can offer a very good route to take if you’re struggling with debt.

The Debt Support Service has expert advisers who are ready to talk with you today, and work on your behalf to find a pathway out of debt. We are fully regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Debt Advice by Debt Support Service

Debt advice and help from the experts – The Debt Support Service

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With a growing population, economic slowdown and unprecedented global circumstances, businesses, individuals and even whole countries have been met with very difficult conditions. As a result, many have fallen into debt. But fear not, debt problems can be solved, they just first need to be adequately addressed. It may not be a quick or simple road ahead, but there is always a way to tackle a problem, and the earlier you tackle it, the easier it is to deal with. When you feel out of control you may be worried or frustrated, in this case it is essential to seek advice from those who have knowledge and experience of your particular predicament, and here that we should seek sound debt advice. For the best debt advice, a debt management company is going to have specialist knowledge. A resounding reason to approach a debt advice agency is to obtain crystal clear guidance on which plan is best for your circumstances. Debt advice is given to help people in financial difficulty and guide them through the various options and plans that are appropriate for their financial situation.

Debt advice and help from the experts - Debt Support Service

A large proportion of people living in the UK are struggling with debt. This has resulted with an increase in debt management companies UK trying to help people manage these debts. The first debt advice that debt management companies in the UK will offer you is to look at a ‘debt management plan’ (otherwise known as a DMP), this is an unofficial agreement between you and your creditors to pay back all of your unsecured debts. These include credit card debts, utility bills and unsecured bank loans. If you find a ‘fee-free’ provider you will be making reduced monthly payments that will be distributed between your creditors. If your creditors agree to the proposed DMP plan, they may be asked to freeze the interest charges on your debt. Whilst providing debt advice, debt management companies in the UK collect basic information about you, which will include your monthly income, assets, liabilities, expenditure and a list of your debts. From this information, it is then determined what you can afford to pay towards your debt each month.


At the Debt Support Service we go through not only your financial status, but also your personal circumstances so that we can fully understand your current situation and the difficulties you may be facing. At this point we can discuss which debt solution is most suitable for you. We’ll then go through the available options, the pros and cons to each option and provide you with the information you need to help you make an informed choice. With the help of this process, we can fully appreciate your desire to become debt-free, and understand which debts should be prioritised.

Whilst many people might want to pay their debt back in full via a DMP plan, others might not wish their credit rating to be affected by an option such as this. At the Debt Support Service our role is to provide you with the best debt advice to help you determine which options are most suited to your situation. It is completely your decision as to which debt solution you choose. We take the time to assess your financial and personal circumstances before providing you with debt advice, as we believe both of these factors are crucial to the process. You can always reach out to the Debt Support Service through online chat, telephone call, or email and our trained advisers will then guide you through your debt issues.

Debt Advice by Debt Support Service

Your first big step towards a debt-free life

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For those who are struggling with debt and finding it difficult to manage their finances, seeking professional debt advice could be hugely beneficial.  There are many debt management companies in the UK which provide debt advice to those in need, however, not all debt management companies are regulated by the FCA. It is important that you approach an FCA regulated debt management company so that you have protection and the knowledge that you are dealing with accredited professionals who stand the best chance of helping you become debt-free.

The Debt Support Service is a leading FCA regulated debt management company, with the aim of providing fair and ethical debt advice to our UK customers. Our advisers are fully trained in handling a range of debt problems and financial situations. Even if a situation feels unresolvable, the Debt Support Service can help relieve anxiety and relay all the options available to you.

To fully understand the extent of your debt issues, it is imperative that you fully divulge your financial situation to one of our advisers. Once your full financial standing is established, you will be offered various debt solutions to choose between. Your adviser will help choose a debt solution that best suits your financial needs. You will then be provided with comprehensive debt advice, together with all the necessary support you require to lift you out of your debts.


One of the solutions that Debt Support Service offers is a debt management plan UK. This is a payment plan that manages all of your creditors for you. However, it should be stated that a debt management plan UK is applicable only for unsecured debts – these are debts not secured against any property or assets such as credit cards, education loans, bank overdrafts, etc. Our advisers will consider your income and expenses and calculate the amount that you need to pay every month accordingly. A proposal is then drafted which we submit to your creditors, who in turn will decide if they agree to go ahead with the debt management plan UK. If all is agreed, we will collect a regular monthly payment from you and distribute it between your creditors. The term of your debt management plan UK will depend upon the amount of debt you owe and how many monthly payments you make.

When you feel as if you’re struggling neck-deep with debt, it can be very difficult to know what best to do. Which debt solution should you choose? How best to manage your expenses as well as pay off your bills?,whom to turn to for help? By contacting professional debt advisers that can help you with the very best debt advice, you stand a great chance of getting yourself, your finances, and your life back under control. So, if you are struggling to manage your unsecured debts, as well as trying to get on with your day-to-day life, contact us today for a debt management plan UK. Make your life simpler by making just one single payment every month instead of multiple payments to each of your creditors.

Your first small step with debt management could turn out to be a big leap towards a debt free life!